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Lumi Doh

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Lumi Doh is the doh that glows. The special made doh shines, stretches and never leaves messes. LumiDoh allows your kids to create whatever they imagine; the possibilities are endless.

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    Lumi Doh
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    Lumi Doh
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    Lumi Doh
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    Lumi Doh
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    Lumi Doh

Product Description

Make Lots of Glow in the Dark Creations that Last!

Features & Benefits:
- Stretches like rubber & molds like dough
- Glows brightly in the dark and has a glossy shine
- Never leaves messes & never dries out
- Non-toxic, antibacterial and washable
- You can bake it to make your creations permanent

Children can make lots of glow-in-the-dark creations that will last a long time. Lumi Doh is luminous so it’s lots of fun to play with in the day or night and it is the only doh that can turn into a glowing toy.

Lumi Doh is easy to use!
Step 1: Roll it out.
Step 2: Cut desired shapes out.
Step 3: Stand them out and watch them glow!

Each set includes:
- 5 Glowing Colors (clear, green, pink, magenta, & blue)
- Bonus Black Doh
- FREE Play mat
- FREE Guide
- FREE Star Shape Cut Outs
- FREE Non-Stick Baking Sheet

Offer Details:

When Ordering Today, you will receive Lumi Doh In 5 GLOWING COLORS (Clear, Green, Pink, Magenta And Blue) for just $19.99 +$7.99 P&H. Plus you will receive the BONUS Black Doh, Play mat, Star Shape Cut Outs & Non-Stick Baking Sheet – For FREE!

Buy One Get One Free Offer

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